All you want to know about Recycled Gold

We’re so pleased to be fully on track to using 100% recycled gold by the end of 2022.

It’s a significant milestone for Maviada, as we adopt an ever-more sustainable approach to jewellery making while maintaining the exceptional quality our designs are known for.

What is recycled gold?

Whatever term you us: reused, repurposed, recycled – All generally have the same meaning – the process of melting and refining previously mined 18k gold to craft brand new pieces of jewellery. This is done without giving up any of the properties that make the material so precious and luxurious.
Does recycled gold look any different to mined gold?
There is no visible difference between recycled and mined gold. Purity, colour and look are the exact same.

What are the benefits of using recycled gold?

Recycled gold reuses leftover gold and eases our strain on valuable natural resources. By making good use of recycled gold, we prevent the extraction of new metal while crafting stand-out jewellery.

Is recycled gold jewellery any less valuable?

Thankfully a definite No. The material remains the same: solid, radiant whether it is 14k or 18k gold.
The process of transforming previously mined gold into new designs does not, in any way or form, take away from the value and purity of the mined material.

Is every gold design crafted in recycled 18k gold?

We are very proud that we can address the global environment concerns of general waste and all of our pieces, as of 2022, are now made with 100% recycled gold.

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