It's time to act...

“Becoming sustainable is becoming more and more important in our fragile world.”

Going forward with our 2022 pieces, all of our jewellery will be made of recycled gold.

Our main material is, of course, gold. 100% of our gold comes from recycled sources, and its quality is identical to mined gold. In keeping with our beliefs, we choose to marry our love of beauty with respect for Mother Nature. The world contains a finite amount of metals and minerals, and we are committed to using only previously refined gold.

Maviada only work with the best quality ethically sourced gemstones from environmentally focused gemstone businesses. Maviada make sure all their sources adhere to humane work conditions that not only benefit the mining artisan communities from which they are sourced but that also consider the impact on the environment.

  Maviada tries to work with Women led businesses as often as possible. The gemstone dealers we work with in India, generally, are all women led. Maviada also continues to support women charities as we feel a need to support these most important causes.

*Our sustainable Wooden Ball Collection  in 18k gold, can be purchased at Selfridges online, Farfetch and our website.

Find out more about recycled gold on our blog at the bottom of the page at the Resources section.

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