Finding that perfect Holiday Gift

Celebrate the festive season with a little fabulous sparkle and contemporary fine jewellery

How do you find the best chic contemporary piece of jewellery for the Holidays. Christmas is coming up and we need to find a that perfect gift. Maviada’s contemporary take on a classic Mother of Pearl Diamond earrings with reverse cut blue topaz is the perfect find.  These jewels all blend great modern design with flair and personality and the diamond hoop earrings can be worn on their own – two earrings in one. They come in two fantastic sizes – Small and Large. You decide depending on the entrance you want to make…..Your welcome! Perfect for those who love jewellery that’s a true conversation starter.

Beautiful, Colourful Chain Necklaces – So on trend right now

With bright and brilliant combinations of gemstones, turquoise and even mother of pearls, these stunning accessories are ideal for the jewellery-loving magpie in your life. They’re guaranteed to add a dash of drama to anything you pair them with, from a classic white T-shirt, smart suit or LBD.

Timeless Investment Purchases

Looking to invest in a truly timeless piece of jewellery? Consider these beautiful pieces, from Maviada, each of these elegant pieces would make a luxurious addition to any jewellery box. These are truly one of a kind collectable design pieces.

When Only Pearls Will Do

The right pair of glamorous Pearl earrings will do wonders. Our 13 stone 4mm Barqoue Pearl earrings with our gorgeous London Blue Topaz should do the trick.

Jewellery should make you feel empowered, confident but also happy and joyful. Jewellery purchase is such an emotional purchase – we are seeing more and more of our female clients buying for themselves – whether that be celebrating a promotion, buying themselves a birthday gift, or self treat purchase. Women no longer need to wait for a special occasion to request a new piece of jewellery. If they want it, they buy it, then and there. It’s really great to see this NEW PURCHASE POWER that women have – we want women to succeed because when they succeed, the world is a better place. Women feeling empowered, self confident, wearing a beautiful piece of jewellery that shows craftsmanship, is design led, all play a part in how one is perceived.  Women want to feel special and unique.

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