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Not only are gemstones stunning, they are incredibly fascinating! A gemstone is a mineral or naturally occurring material that is durable enough to be carved, polished and cut to create beautiful pieces of jewellery and lustrous adornments. Diamond, ruby, emerald and sapphire are considered precious stones, while the other stones fit into a semi-precious category; thought nowadays, this classification is rarely used. All we know is that they are all as wonderfully beautiful as each other.

When choosing gemstones for jewellery, the eye catching colour is generally the most notable physical feature. Each stone has a unique crystalline structure and how this composition interacts with light determines the optical properties of each and every gem and the appearance of its colour. It is this uniqueness and the organic nature of gemstones that makes them so precious to own.

Maviada only work with the best quality ethically sourced gemstones from environmentally focused gemstone dealers. Maviada makes sure all of their sources adhere to humane work conditions that not only benefit the mining artisan communities from which they are sourced, but that also consider the impact on the environment.

Maviada prides itself on supporting women led businesses – which sadly, is not very common amongst gemstone dealers.

Types Of Gemstones

Gemstones and semi-precious stones are typically fashioned and prepared using a few distinct methods, and people believe that these unique ways of presenting your crystals imbue the stones with different abilities or beauty.

  • Clusters & Geodes: Some gemstones, particularly types of quartz like citrine or amethyst, will be presented in sparkling clusters. In addition to being beautiful to look at, many believe that gemstone clusters have powerful calming and purifying effects on the room where they are kept.
  • Points or Towers: If you have ever gone into a crystal shop, you are sure to have seen sleek towers of semi-precious gemstones. Those who use crystals for healing believe that this pointed wand shape is excellent for transmitting energy.
  • Slices: Stones that have beautiful marbled cross sections and patterns, like agate, will often be sold in polished slices. This allows the inner beauty of the stone to be displayed to full effect.
  • Raw or Rough: Some prefer to buy their gemstones raw as untouched chunks of stone that come from the earth without being polished or cut. The belief is that when the stones are in their natural state, you will be able to connect to their energy on a deeper level.
  • Polished or Cut: When displaying a gemstone’s clarity and brilliance, they will typically be cut into facets that allow them to refract light and show off depths of color. This is the most popular form for gemstones being used for fine jewellery and Maviada generally focuses on using fantastic smooth cut cabochon gemstones of extraordinary quality.

Gemstones By Color

While certain gemstones are well known for one specific colour, most gemstones actually come a variety of many hues. For example, diamonds are available in every colour in the rainbow, and sapphires are available in every shade except red. Tourmalines are one of the most colour-diverse gems and are even frequently found with multiple stripes of colour in one stone.

Because colour greatly affects the beauty and popularity of a gemstone, it only makes sense to categorize the most popular gemstones by colour.

  • Pink gemstones: Morganite, rose quartz, pink sapphire, pink tourmaline, pink garnet, kunzite, pink topaz, and pink diamond.
  • White gemstones: Diamond, white jade, moonstone, opal, pearl, moissanite, white quartz, white sapphire, white tourmaline, and zircon.
  • Yellow gemstones: Citrine, yellow garnet, yellow sapphire, yellow topaz, yellow tourmaline, amber, and yellow diamond.
  • Purple gemstones: Amethysts, purple diamonds, purple garnet, purple jade, purple sapphire, purple tourmaline, spinel, and tanzanite.
  • Blue gemstones: Sapphire, aquamarine, lapis lazuli, blue topaz, blue tourmaline, and blue diamond.
  • Green gemstones: Emerald, jade, peridot, malachite, green tsavorite garnets, green agate, and green bloodstone.
  • Red gemstones: Ruby, garnet, rubellite or red tourmaline, carnelian, and red diamond.
  • Orange gemstones: Amber, orange sapphire, sunstone, agate, and orange diamond.
  • Peach gemstones: Morganite, peach sapphire, peach diamond.
  • Brown gemstones: Brown jade, amber, tiger’s eye, brown tourmaline, citrine, smoky quartz, and brown diamond.
  • Black gemstones: Obsidian, onyx, black opal, black pearl, black sapphire, black tourmaline, and black diamond.
  • Gray gemstones: Tahitian pearl, gray tourmaline, gray sapphire, and gray diamond.

Maviada ‘s Gemstones

Maviada’s colours of preference include the following fantastic hues:

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