The Top 5 Best Everyday Diamond Jewellery of 2023

Everyday Diamond Jewellery

Is there anything better than the luxury of everyday diamond jewellery?

Dress it up, dress it down. Wear them with your favourite pair of jeans and a crisp white shirt and diamonds  – the ultimate chic look.  The key to this look is to keep it low key with smaller, no less brilliant diamonds. You want them to compliment your look, not overpower your look.

We’ve chosen the top 5 everyday diamond looks by fine jeweller Maviada.

Elevate your everyday, with wear-forever diamond jewellery.

Diamonds are perfect for everyday, says everyone!

Here are the top 5 Diamond Jewellery trends for everyday 2023

1. Sardinia Short Diamond stud earrings

When only stud earrings will do (with diamonds, that is).  The pale blue topaz gemstones are perfect with your school drop off or lunch board meetings.  Sophisticated and yet so discreet.

2. Diamond Oval link Chain Necklace

Oval link chain necklaces are so on trend for the past few years and this one doesn’t disappoint. We recommend wearing them on their own for maximum impact.

3. Scattered Diamond Earcuffs

For those of you who adore earcuffs, what could be better than a scattering of diamonds on pure gold. These earcuffs are bold, yet so classic elegance. Very popular with the ladies who want just a bit of edge.

4. Diamond Oval Link Chain necklace with Blue Topaz

These diamond oval link chain necklace is for those who love a bit of fabulous colour with their diamonds. Effortless style with attitude.

5. Diamond Bracelet with Turquoise

The perfect diamond bracelet for everyday. Far more stylish than the tennis bracelets, this one has more gold, fits like a glove on your wrist and is lined with fabulous turquoise enamel on the inside for a secret treat. We just can’t say enough nice things about this gorgeous bracelet. When you don’t want to scream diamonds and want a classic stylish chic look.

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