Building a Fine Jewellery brand within in the Five Star Luxury Hotel Travel Industry

The Jewellery market globally is a glamorous chic field to be in. Yes, that is true, however, anyone who is interested in entering the luxury jewellery market also knows it is a highly saturated market. One needs to stand out in many ways.

London fine jewellery luxury brand, Maviada, found a way to stand out. Realising the only way to gather some well earned attention was to approach the jewellery business in a new light. Once they launched the business in 2016, they approached the Four Seasons & Resorts Hotel chain and to their surprise, the hotel chain loved the brand and immediately showcased it in their prestigious Geneva hotel in Switzerland. One hotel became two, two became four and before they knew it, Maviada fine jewellery was working across the five star hotel industry. What a way to start out…

They have gone from strength to strength and now can be found in luxury boutiques worldwide including LMC Selfridges in London, FarFetch and more.

The key to starting a business is thinking outside the box. Maviada serves as a good case study on how brands can start working with industries outside the norm. Sadly with Covid, many of the Hotels shut their doors and it will be seen if the luxury hotel establishments will return to their pre-Covid glory.



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